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It could be very simple:

  • your job now needs you to do more public speaking
  • you know the job inside out but you don’t feel confident speaking out
  • the wedding is fast approaching and no speech has been written
  • you’re a person with strong ideas and confident views but they don’t flow from your mouth with the ease you’d like
  • in the desire to speak all your ideas you rush — you trip over those important thoughts — your breath falters — there are mutters and mumbles
  • you’re a colourful person but your voice feels colourless and limited

So there’s a speech to write, to prepare, to deliver.

There’s the interview for the job. That job would fit you like a glove. But you fear you might not come across as the right person.

We judge people on the way they look and the way they sound. You do it, and I do it.

Voices can be made fit for purpose: words can be crafted: the speech can be written.

And we can all go to the ball.

Many clients feel very comfortable with most aspects of their speaking life but odd corners still lack relaxation

some prefer big groups — some prefer small

some like presenting to people they know — some prefer people they’ve never met and might never see again

conference calls can hold yet more fears — what if there is no video link

and some of the participants are together in the same room but you are all alone

what hidden looks and gestures could you be missing?

All of this makes us nervous, doesn’t it, and when we’re nervous we forget to breathe.

Be honest with yourself. If we’re dealing with long-standing concerns, perhaps miracles are not going to be performed overnight. I promise you, I’ll work to find the fastest route. But patience is a virtue.

The kind of vocal ‘performance’ needed for a one-to-one meeting with a colleague might be unequal to occasions where you’re addressing a crowd.

Perhaps your energy needs to expand, so that you take control of the space.

There is a need for real engagement if we’re going to touch hearts and inspire great thoughts.

Actors are crafted in a range of skills: might some of those skills benefit you, in your life, in your business?

Some clients long for the chance to get their mouth around some really meaty and demanding language. Shakespeare can be great for tuning up hidden linguistic skills. Hollywood script writers often have a hand in the writing of US political speeches. Why let actors have all the fun?

It’s a busy world, and our lives are ever more full of sounds and thoughts. The actor needs to draw attention, to the moment they are making for us. So that we receive the word, the look, the gesture as they deliver it. How ever much you might like to, you usually can’t repeat that moment. You only live once.

Do you want presence, gravitas?


Alan Woodhouse Voice Coach


Alan Woodhouse Voice Coach


Alan Woodhouse Voice Coach

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