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Alan Woodhouse is a London-based voice, speech and acting coach.

Alan offers training in vocal skills, presentation, public speaking, and performance technique.

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Clients have included surgeons, a magician, university lecturers, simultaneous translators, hairdressers, estate agents, and one member of the House of Lords. Apologies if your profession is not included, but if the list was any longer it probably would be.

My job is to help my clients reach their own high standards of vocal skill and confidence and fully professional delivery.


After regular work training some of the world’s finest talent in drama academies I now freelance in the UK and mainland Europe as speech-voice coach, English Language coach and acting coach.

I also teach voice and presentation skills for TV and Radio.



This is what people say when they contact me :

‘I want a deeper voice’‘I have to deliver a best man’s speech’‘I’m struggling with presentations and board meetings.’‘Most of my work life used to be behind a desk, now I have to speak out.’‘My voice lacks impact’‘I can’t communicate what I’m thinking. I get anxious.’‘I’m looking to change careers and sometimes I don’t show myself in the best light.’‘I’m an actor who struggles to do an RP British accent.’‘I’ve no confidence in my voice.’‘I speak too fast’‘If I’m going to get my promotion I need to soften my accent.’‘I want to be listened to.’‘I wish to give my speech some additional gravitas.’‘I have a soft, high pitched voice.’‘English is my second language’‘I’ve been doing lots of telly and films, now I need to prep my voice for some theatre’

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Initial contact is usually by email.   Sometime it’s good to have a phone chat: I can certainly well understand clients wanting to actually hear me speak before deciding which voice coach they’d like to work with! You’ll tell me what you’d like to accomplish, and whether you have a time-scale in mind.

We’ll arrange to meet face-to-face or online, and start to make a plan that focusses on your needs. You might simply need a single one-hour session. Work done in the coaching session will be backed-up with audio and written support material.

Most of the work I do is one-to-one though I’m happy to work with groups who have similar aims and objectives.

Why work with a coach?



‘I did feel really good after the session’‘I got the job’’my boss came, and told me he had heard hundreds of speeches but had never heard a better one’‘I’ve been exercising already and genuinely feel a difference’‘you got straight down to an accurate individual analysis of what we each needed to do’‘I had plenty of positive feedback from people in the audience. One person even told me that I was an inspiration to him!’‘I controlled my emotions well, I was relaxed while I spoke.’‘It was surprising the amount we managed to cover in a short space of time.’‘People asked me how I had made such a huge jump from my previous speech!’‘I practise the breathing exercises all the time in my car’‘I think your session also encouraged us to embrace & explore our individuality so that our messages and styles will add a special diversity to this work.’‘I got outstanding feedback’‘I could not believe it. I simply wasn’t nervous. I never thought it could be like that.’‘I don’t seem to be the voice lost cause, which I was starting to believe I had become.’

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