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Online Voice Coaching

Busy schedules and far-flung places make online coaching using Skype the best and sometimes only coaching possibility available. And I am very excited at the opportunities that this offers.

It will be very useful if you can tell me what you need to get out of your training, whether you have a particular time-scale in mind, for example an upcoming event where you need to speak?

Or perhaps you need some vocal technique to give you more confidence?

Be aware that building new vocal habits can take time and that you will need to practise. I will tell you exactly what you have to do.

It will be important to have an initial online fifteen-minute meeting so that I can assess more precisely how we will achieve your aims and objectives. And after that I can offer either thirty or forty-five minute sessions, with written back-up material emailed to you after the sessions.

These are the areas we might cover:

  • Good breathing and relaxation
  • Clear articulation and use of Standard British English
  • Extending the vocal range for more colour and vitality of speech
  • Projecting the voice
  • Preparing speeches for meetings and presentations and interviews: I can also offer help compiling material for a speech, structuring and shaping the material, and writing the speech, if this is needed

For actors I can offer work on voice technique and on using the voice in modern and classical texts.

All parts of the work will be individually priced.


Alan Woodhouse Voice Coach


Alan Woodhouse Voice Coach


Alan Woodhouse Voice Coach

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