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How many bears are there now?

ONCE UPON A TIME  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I’ll begin… Does that bring back some memories? I hope they’re good ones! TELLING THE STORY : WHAT IS THE STORY. Words can be pretty elastic really.  Perhaps we’d like them to stay still, so to speak, and not move...

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Alan’s Voice Coaching Blog

I’m Alan.  Hello.  I work as a voice coach.  I also use the titles presentation coach and public speaking coach.  My first training was as a singer, so I also work with the singing voice as well as the speaking. 

Another job-title would be acting coach.  What a lot of words: and what does it all mean.

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Let Your Voice Be Heard - Alan Woodhouse Voice Coach


A Practical Guide to Confident Speaking: Let Your Voice be Heard (Practical Guide Series)

[Paperback/ Ebook] published by Icon Books

Express yourself clearly, persuasively and confidently. 
Learn how to plan what you want to say, manage your anxieties and project your best self, whatever the situation.
Whether you want to ask your boss for a pay rise, deliver a faultless wedding speech or settle your nerves before an interview, communication coach Alan Woodhouse teaches you how to find your inner confidence and capture your audience.
Understand how to tailor your speeches and find the perfect words for every occasion, project your voice and overcome stage fright.

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