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Alan Woodhouse Voice Coach

Alan Woodhouse

I loved to sing from a very early age. And as an asthmatic child it probably did me a lot of favours.

I thought about going to art college. My singing teacher organised an audition at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. I got in. I trained as a singer. Managed to talk my way into a lot of acting classes while I was there. Became an opera singer. Sang at Covent Garden. Acted in the West End. Did pantomime at the London Palladium.

Central School of Speech & Drama offered me a scholarship to study as a Voice Coach. I’d already started to teach singing. Patsy Rodenburg offered me my first job as a speech coach. I returned to the Guildhall school as a teacher. And stayed there for over 20 years. The Guildhall produces great actors. Daniel Craig, Rhys Ifans, Joseph Fiennes, Dominic West, Ewan McGregor. Hayley Atwell, Michelle Dockery.

And fine theatre directors such as Daniel Evans and Emma Rice.

I recently read for the first time the Noel Coward quote ‘work is more fun than fun’.

I’m afraid that’s me all over.

Working with people at the top of their game who are convinced that somehow it would be fun to make it better. That is where you learn your craft.


Every human voice is full of untapped potential. Every voice is unique.

If you want to get the best out of your voice you have to put some time in. Mozart was undoubtedly a genius but he also practised a lot. You might think it would be useful to sound like someone else but wouldn’t it be interesting to find out what you sound like?

Belief in your own voice is part of the recipe for success. Belief in your own ability to communicate vocally with confidence should be part of your career plan.


Alan Woodhouse Voice Coach

Alan Woodhouse Voice Coach


Alan Woodhouse Voice Coach


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