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I’m Alan.  Hello.  I work as a voice coach.  I also use the titles presentation coach and public speaking coach.  My first training was as a singer, so I also work with the singing voice as well as the speaking. 

Another job-title would be acting coach.  What a lot of words: and what does it all mean.

I hope it might be simpler that it sounds.  

Everybody has a story to tell.  In fact we have lots of stories.  Some are about our work, some about our personal life.  Sometimes we need to tell those stories in front of groups of people.  Perhaps people we’ve never met.  That can make us fearful, or at least apprehensive.  

What if the story I have very clearly in my head doesn’t travel quite so smoothly into my mouth?  And out of my mouth…

What if I forget what to say?

If I write it all down will it sound like I’m just reading it – no feeling, no projection?  Am I being clear?  Is it interesting?

I do know my job.  I do know what I think and feel.  And I did write down lots of bullet-points…

You might not feel confident with your voice.  Most people want a bit of depth in their voice.  Something individual.  Colourful.  To speak with Presence.  What is Presence?

We not only want to be listened to, we all need to be listened to.  And the world is full of other sounds, and tempting thoughts and lovely pictures and gorgeous smells.  And they all too easily get in the way of our being heard.  

‘Just give me a moment’, we want to say.  ‘I’m working so hard here….’. 

So I’m the one who works with you.  Helps you get the voice you’d like.  Helps you plan and prep for those stories you need to tell.  Helps you settle your nerves.

Work events where you need to speak (or sing…).  Personal appearances where you want to say your piece with confidence.  And I have to say, I just love working on wedding speeches!

My first work was doing my own acting and singing.  It’s always been a big part of my working life training and coaching actors and singers for stage and screen.  

I’d never want to stop doing that.

This is the beginning of my blog.  Please join me as I offer more thoughts on just how you become the best communicator you can.  If you want more information about how I might help you please get in touch.