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Does that make SENSE     DOES that make sense    Does THAT make sense…

Sometimes stressing one word rather than another as we speak a single phrase can simply suggest our personal take on whatever it is we need to say.  That is, it need not substantially alter the message being conveyed.

I’m SO please to see you     I’m so PLEASED to see you   I’m so pleased to SEE you…

I would however suggest that if all those words had equal amounts of stress it might just sound as if there was some rather negative subtext to your greeting  : 

I’m so pleased to see you         I’M SO PLEASED TO SEE YOU

The interpretation on hearing the first reading could be ‘well you could have fooled me…’.

The second rendition could sound as if the person was being told off : ‘I am pleased to see you, but about **** time…’

Try speaking these phrases out-loud.  Try the suggestions.  And see what you think.  Hear what it sounds like to you?